Monday, February 27, 2012

No girlfriend deserves to see this

Inside dark walls, a girl
hides between broken shades
and witnesses

Two boys with guns, no
fists, beating with rage
and fury into the skull
of another.

Who knew the library held
such youth? The numbers
fell underneath tables.
One by one, done

and the security
cameras, like my eyes,
captured it, witnessed it
all. In silent motion

they grabbed his long hair
and pulled it up to punch
another victim in their list.

The kid who wore Nike, the girl
who said “Yes.” I believe
in God. They killed her right

away. I turned into a woman
that day. My eyes saw violence
in a new way. The boys who read books made their idols and
the boys who didn’t were
their own.

Columbine wasn’t
a place to die, but my eyes took it in
like another page in a history book.  

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