Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Autumn Leaves

Authors note: This poem was originally written as a song about a long distance relationship I share with my boyfriend. It's about the nostalgic feeling of hurt because I'm so far away from him. We've only experienced the fall season together through short visits. However, the leaves remind me that I'm one season closer to seeing him again. In my song, I wrote "The leaves make sounds of memories that I can't remember, but we'll make more when we can." The nostalgia of not having very few fall memories together brings pain, but also a hope that if we can make it through this distance, we can make it through everything.

Trees outside my window grow
And nobody notices but they provide
Shade caught in their 


Fall down in autumn
But spring brings them back to shade
The summer heat

The girl inside that window
Grows and nobody notices
But she only holds the love he wants

Miles apart are spent
Sharing the times my hair tickled
Your cheek or sparklers at dusk when the light 
Revolved around me
Or they’re spent silently
Remembering your face so
Patient on the pillow when I counted
Hours on the clock, and on my fingers, before you left

Before the summer ground
Can miss the leaves, autumn drops
Its shade from branches

It’s how I know I’ll see you again. The seasons.

My heart hates the fall; everyone says the distance is necessity
but they've never left our football town. The fall leaves
Trees so stripped of summer and all its
Smell of you and taste of your cold popsicle mouth

But I begin to see clearly
Through the branches to the
Sunlit sky knowing I’m another

Season­­­­­­­­­­ closer to you.

The leaves are consistent and I rely on their promises
Of you picking me up and spinning me so beautifully like a summer sparkler
A light around you

Like the
Rings in every tree another
Year in the trunk is­­­­­­­­
One more for us

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